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Ærø Whisky Manifesto

The world's best whisky - Must be from the Nordics

Why a Nordic Whisky Manifesto?

We have a Nordic tradition of malting and brewing, we have access to great grain and clean water, we have a cool climate that’s optimal for aging, and we have some of the finest oak wood, all while being strong on ecology and green energy. In the Nordics, we have the optimal conditions for making the world’s best Single Malt Whisky.

Nordic whisky production is young and we don’t have a long tradition like the Scots. But we’ve achieved impressive results in a short period of time.

If we join forces in the pursuit of uncompromising quality, we can create a whisky tradition in the Nordic region that sets off and supports the Nordic Brand around the world. We stand on the shoulders of the promotion of the Nordic Kitchen.

If we communicate what we mean by uncompromising quality, we can support consumer choice through an increased understanding of what producing whisky of uncompromising quality is and entails. It underpins the value of our products and thus the continued pursuit of uniqueness and uncompromising quality for the benefit of all of us.

We will not be the same, but we will invite selected Nordic Whisky producers to join us if they are able and willing to sign a manifesto focusing on uncompromising quality. It won’t be for everyone, maybe even only for a few, that’s the nature of uncompromising.

We believe that a manifesto for Nordic Whisky will both support that we in the Nordic region can make the world’s best whisky and create our own tradition and uniqueness rather than trying to copy the Scottish tradition.

We believe that we can create great awareness of ourselves and our products throughout the whisky world through a common platform that can be marketed both as a community and as part of our individual brands.

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