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Ærø Whisky

Ærø Whisky production process

Ærø Whisky is a small, passionate distillery that creates a whisky with a beautiful personality, a distinctive and local flavor. Our whisky is matured in oak casks and develops a wide range of flavor notes.


We create our whisky in the backyard of Købmandsgården in Ærøskøbing. The distillery building itself, an old washhouse, won the ‘Renover special award’, recognizing the renovation and reuse of the 19th century building. The washhouse now houses the distillery. The brewery where the wort is produced for distillation is located in the side building of the historic Gamle Købmandsgaard in Ærøskøbing, opposite the distillery. It creates a cozy and interesting environment for our production and for visitors.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals inspire and guide our whisky production. We care for the community we live in with our small-scale production, and it’s important to us to produce our whisky with a high level of recyclable energy. Caring for the community we live in on Ærø is close to our hearts, it’s our life.

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Ærø Whisky