Opening hours

From. October 1 to April 1, the distillery is open by appointment.
Contact us:
– phone 51 96 80 61

From April 1 to June 1, open 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays.

High season: July & August – open every day 10-15

Tasting & tour
45 min. incl. 2 tastings. Price 150,- per person.

Click here to book a tasting
– Please book 24 hours in advance

We brew and distill from May 1 to December 1. You’re welcome to drop by, check out our small visitor center and have a chat with Master Distiller Michael Nielsen. There’s always a good story about whisky and the good life on Ærø.

Sale of Whisky We sell the full range of our whiskies at the distillery. You can also buy here on the site under ‘whisky’ or visit the grocery store in Ærøskøbing. Under retailers/restaurants you can see where else you can buy and taste our whisky.


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Ærø Whisky