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Unexpected guests and ‘New field’

We distill the best of what we’ve learned. And then, every now and then, we have an unexpected visitor. This week we had a visit from Martin Markvardsen, Senior Brand Ambassador from Highland Park Orkney Single Malt.

And locally, we have some exciting news: Ærøskøbing bakery is now producing some very delicious truffles with Ærø Single Cask Rum. 2 pieces for 20 kroner. We highly recommend these.

On the Barley field, we have finally had rain. Outside the distillery’s visitor center, a little barley has been sown.

And a reminder to our shareholders. Ærø Whisky A/S is holding its annual general meeting next weekend. We’re presenting good accounts and serving whiskey & rum this year. Registration required.we wish everyone a happy prayer day. And a great weekend afterwards.

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