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Ærø Whisky

The distillery in Ærøskøbing

In 2016, the distillery will be built in the wash house in the backyard of Købmandsgården in Ærøskøbing. It was awarded the ‘Renover special award’ as a recognizable renovation of an 1800s building. In 2019, the brewery was established across the street from the distillery and now stands as a single unit, providing the setting for Ærø whisky.

We are very proud of the location of our distillery and brewery and the coexistence with Den Gamle Købmandsgaard. Here we have a unique setting.

The setting means everything to our production – it’s the calm, peace, idyll and aura

which produces the best whisky you can produce

Den Gamle Købmandsgaard started as a voluntary association in the summer of 2012. It’s a fantastic story of a place that rose up on its hands through a collective will, where the people of the island came together to stand up against shop deaths and closures.

About how resilience, cohesion and pioneering spirit in a small, tightly-knit island community could create the foundation for a healthy business; a beacon for local production, a meeting place for locals; bring life to the town – and above all: Jobs. Because: When you’re doing well, I’m doing well. Or as it says on one of our t-shirts: WE ALL DO BETTER WHEN WE ALL DO BETTER!

The principles of Den Gamle Købmandsgaard are simple. To keep small businesses on the island going and create a foundation for more small producers to take the leap and make money from what they are passionate about. We do this by sourcing locally as much as possible. We value the well-being of our local communities over good profit margins.

Because there are other ways of doing business than thinking in terms of constant growth. For example, through sustainable collaboration and reciprocity, where we support and help each other while insisting on the environment and good quality.

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