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Ærø Whisky

Ærø Whisky 12 year’s Whisky

Ærø Whisky was established in 2013. This makes us a relatively young company. But don’t worry… We store the vast majority of our production in our warehouse so that we can present a 12-year-old whisky in the foreseeable future. Of course, we also store Whisky with plans for older Whisky, but that’s a bit further in the future.

In principle, we could have a 12 year whisky ready around 2025/26. The barrels we have earmarked for the first 12 years of Whisky are cared for and nurtured to the highest standards – but Ærø Whisky will not release a Whisky until it is absolutely perfect! We wait until we have the right product with the quality you know from Ærø Whisky.

You are always welcome to drop by on Ærø and hear how (and how far) we are with this project. But we think we can already tell you that there’s something to look forward to…

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